Change List URL in SharePoint 2010

Hey Guys,

You know we always messed up with list names in SharePoint 2010, isn't it? Yeah, so me too.

Anyways, so I found the solution to change the URL of the List, basically, there are three ways (which I know of),

First of all:

You can use SharePoint Designer 2010

1.  Open your SharePoint Site using the SharePoint Designer 2010
2.  Go to your list node from all items
3.  right click onto the list node and you can rename it

You can use Windows Explorer

1.  Browse any of your document library in the site
2.  From the default view, click on the “Open with windows explorer” option from the ribbon .
3.  In the windows explorer, go to the root folder of the site.
4. From root folder, go to the library or list you want to change.
5. Right click on the folder and rename it.

You can use PowerShell

Open the list from the site and change the root folder of the site:
if($list -ne $null){
$list.RootFolder.MoveTo($list.RootFolder.Url.Replace($oldlistname, $newlistname));

Thanks and have fun!! :)